Conversations With The Creator

Even the title of this is crazy. The God that created everything is speaking to us.
Some people have never heard God speak before. Some people don’t believe God speaks. I want to simplify this crazy idea.
God’s introduction is speaking, He said “Let there be light” and bam! There was light. When God speaks things happen. From that we can also see that God speaks to people. No one was around when God said “Let there be light” so years later God spoke to Moses and showed him how God used His Word to create. God is still using His Word to create today.
What if I’ve never heard God?
Samuel is a perfect example in the Bible for this. He is a young boy and God is speaking to Samuel, but Samuel has never heard God. Samuel thinks it’s his mentor Eli calling him. God speaks to us in a familiar voice. He isn’t going to speak to me in Chinese because i won’t understand anything. Eli gives Samuel a key to hearing God: it’s our listening. People waste their time asking God to speak while God is patiently waiting for us to listen. Find a quiet place and ask God to speak, tell Him that you’re listening. Expect to hear something, probably not an audible voice, more likely what I’d call a loud thought.
How do you know if it’s God or not?
The best way to do this is to know what the Bible says. The entire Bible is inspired by God and He will never contradict Himself. God will never tell you to do something harmful. Unfortunately there are enemies of God and they’re competing for your attention. With God it’s a two way conversation. Think about the people you interact with daily, you know their voice without seeing them. You can know who is speaking in a room full of people without seeing any of them, because you know their voice.
Maybe it’s you?
Discerning whether it’s your thoughts verses God’s voice can be a challenge. The best thing to do is to ask yourself “was I thinking about that before?”. We’re often not just sitting around in silence waiting to hear God, our mind is always going and thinking, so He is likely interrupting you with a thought or idea you weren’t focused on beforehand. God will also confirm the important decisions He want you to make with multiple “yes’s” or “no’s”. You can read about an example of this in Judges 6. However ‘putting out your fleece’ is not intended to be a daily activity.
We can see in 1 Kings 19 that God is not a booming voice from the sky. He is a small voice, a gentle whisper, in the middle of a loud world. Why doesn’t God just start yelling at people? He wants us to be close to Him, God longs for an intimate relationship with everyone. He’s not a megalomaniac shouting orders at people. God is a loving Father, He wants to walk with us and gently guide our lives.
Once you start getting to know God and build a relationship it becomes easier to hear His voice. My curious mind asks God all kinds of random questions and He is always faithful to answer them, though not always right away, sometimes it’s weeks later and it brings an awesome ‘ah-ha’ moment. If you want God to speak to you about something specific go ahead and ask! He is more loving than any of us could know. God will also speak to us through pictures, visions, and other people, He will always speak in love.
Since God created us He knows the best way to reach us.
Ask yourself some questions today- Have I ever heard God speak? What might be distracting me from hearing God? Am I being intentionally available? Who or what is God using to capture my attention? Has God asked me to do something that I haven’t done yet? Am I willing to tell other people what God is saying? What area of my life do I want more of God’s guidance?
This is a lifelong journey and it’s meant to be fun! Don’t overthink this and it’s never something that should cause worry or stress! God loves you with an everlasting love that we can’t fully comprehend.
Check out the book and/or the devotional called Whisper by Mark Batterson. It’s one of the best devotionals I’ve read about hearing God!

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