The Honor Code

One of the biggest problems I see in society is a lack of honor. Honoring people gives us a key that unlocks doors in our lives. When we fail to honor other the doors stay locked and we stay frustrated about it.

Honoring people is not necessary agreeing with them, but agreeing with the position they’re in.

In 1 Samuel 9 God shows the prophet Samuel that He has called Saul to become king. We need to understand that authority originally comes from God. Then 7 chapters later God rejects Saul as king, but David doesn’t become king for years after that.

David is purposed to be king, it’s his destiny to take Saul’s position. 

The chapter I want to focus on is 1 Samuel 24. As you read through it, it seems like David has the perfect, God-given, opportunity to kill Saul and take his rightful place as king. If we’re honest most of us would take that opportunity and brag about how God delivered our enemy into our hands!

David does the exact opposite. He regrets even cutting off the corner of Saul’s robe. This is what David says “The Lord forbid that I should do this thing to my lord, the Lord ‘s anointed, to put out my hand against him, seeing he is the Lord ‘s anointed.” 1 Samuel 24:6. Keep in mind that God rejected Saul as king, but David still sees Saul as God’s anointed.

This is honor. This is how God wants us to honor those who have been put in authority. I believe that if David has killed Saul then he would have also been rejected as king.

If you turn on the news you won’t have any difficulty hearing constant dishonor and disrespect simply for differing opinions. No matter who the President is, there is a heavy stream of dishonor coming from people. Imagine a society that could honor the President even if he was trying to kill them! It sounds crazy, but that’s the example God shows us throughout scripture.

Daniel continues this example of honor when dealing with an evil king trying to kill him and his friends. Daniel and his three friends address king Nebuchadnezzar as “Your majesty” multiple times, even when the king threatens them with death in a furnace! While they don’t agree with the king, and don’t bow down to his idols, they never disrespect the king.

God tells us that when we honor our parents it will go well for us. When we honor things line up and go well!

After spending a year on an ark full of animals Noah drinks a little too much wine (can you blame him!?). In Genesis 9 Noah’s son Ham finds his father naked and exposes his mistake to everyone. Noah’s other two sons don’t even look at their fathers mistake and cover him with grace. The dishonor that Ham showed brought a curse upon him and his descendants.

You can start showing honor today with assurance that it will go well with you!


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