Godly Contentment

Happy 2019!

I ended 2018 and started 2019 in one of the best ways possible. My now wife and I got married the last weekend of December and enjoyed the first week of the new year on our honeymoon. We both experienced God pour out so much blessing on us and our family and friends!

With that being said, I want to talk about the next step. What do you do after receiving the blessing and promise from God that you have been waiting for? God is watching us for two reasons- the first is that God loves to watch His children enjoy the blessing upon their life. It’s written in Psalm 17 and Proverbs 7 that we are the apple of God’s eye, He loves nothing more than blessing us. God is also watching to see if He can trust us with more. Do we remain thankful? Are you content? Do we grow complacent?

In Philippians 4:11 Paul explains how he learned to be content in every circumstance. He learned to be content while hungry, and while full. In 1 Timothy 6:6 Paul writes to his mentee Timothy about how Godly contentment is a good thing.

When we learn how to be truly content God knows that He can rely on us and trust us with great things. When we aren’t content we either complain or become complacent. We complain when we feel as though we have too little. We grow complacent when we feel as though we have everything. Contentment is being okay with where you are, yet not staying there.

When Paul was bound with chains in prison he was content. Paul did not sit down to complain about the harsh circumstances. He also didn’t stay in the prison. Paul praised God because knew that there was more that God had for him.

You will never cause God to move in your life by complaining. God is moved by our faith. We need to learn how to be content with having no material things, with little and with much. That is not easy, however knowing that the Creator of the entire universe is with us and never leaves us will bring contentment.

On the other side of the coin after receiving from God and stepping into the promised land we cannot grow lazy and stop moving forward. God always has more for us. Our race does not end until we breathe our last on this Earth. Paul had the opportunity to stop his ministry after building up one church. He could have stopped after traveling to one country to preach the Good News. Thankfully Paul did not stop or slow down until his life on Earth ended.

We must learn to remain thankful for what God has done for us and though us as well as remain expectant for God to continue moving in our lives. Expressing gratitude will keep us from complaining, arrogance and from becoming conceited.

It is important to have a God vision for 2019. As God for His vision for your 2019, the language of the Holy Spirit is visions and dreams! If that vision or dream is accomplished that does not mean you should take a vacation for the rest of the year. God’s desire is to do exceedingly more than we can ever imagine. God is dreaming much bigger than we ever could. He needs us to remain content in every season.


One thought on “Godly Contentment

  1. Love your words! I started deep, thoughtful, actions starting 2019. First step, more regularly at church and more podcasts. Next, more dedicated time to indepth conversations. And a small token card for all birthdays in my family and friends- an almost daily snail mail!

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