Living in the Now

Recently I have found that it is always easier to live in the past or in the future rather than in the present. There are four mindsets that trap us from living in the present, which is where God is and where He intends us to live. 1- We live reminiscing on the good things that happened. 2- We live in regret of the bad things in our past. 3- We live in constant hope of our future. 4- We live in fear of our future.

Most Believers know and recognize that God never intends for us to live in fear or regret. However, when we always live in gratitude of our past, or always stay in hope of the future, we miss out on our present. God wants us to remember the amazing, miraculous things He has done for us. God also wants us to have a bold confidence that our future will be great. I would say that more than either of those God’s desire is that we live with Him in the present.

In Isaiah 43 God reminds His people of the wonders He did in the past and then reminds His people not to dwell there. We can’t forget what God has done, but we can’t go to the extreme and live there. God’s desire is for you to be expectant and ready for what He wants to do right now. Even if we have had a great past God’s desire to do a new thing. In verse 19 God tells us that He is doing a new thing! People love to think and talk about how God is doing a new thing and easily overlook when He is doing it- now! Not tomorrow or next week, or this year, God is doing a new thing right now and He needs us to see it, He needs us to be there. He tells us to see. God needs you to stop and look down at your feet and see where you are right now.

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet, a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105

Before we can see the path God has laid out for our future we need to see where our feet are. You can only change your future if you decide to change your now. The only way you will make 2019 your best year is to make today your best day, make this morning your best morning. It’s so easy to end up in June and nothing has changed because your now still hasn’t changed.

Jesus told us in Matthew 6 not to worry about tomorrow, that tomorrow has enough worries of its own. We can get so caught up in both the worry and the hope for tomorrow that we miss out on today. Rather than being present with God, who is our ever-present help, not our ever-future help, we worry about our job tomorrow, the bill due next week, and the test we have on Thursday.

Our distraction can be positive yet just as harmful. God can speak to us about our calling, or our future destiny and successes, which then causes us to never take the necessary today steps. You will never step into your purpose if it’s always in your future. If writing books is in your future but you never write a page, then writing books will stay in your future. If marriage and a family is in your future but you never go on a first date, then marriage will stay in your future. If you want to get free from addiction it has to start today, not tomorrow, or else it will be happening tomorrow next year. If your desire is to speak to thousands of people then start by talking to one person today.

Your destiny and purpose will never happen overnight.

God is always in our present life and He needs us to be there as well. God does not listen to your future prayers and He doesn’t hold you accountable for yesterdays mistakes. Every day we have an opportunity to change our life. Every day we have the chance to impact other people. Every day we can step into our destiny, don’t wait until tomorrow!


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