Keeping Your Peace

How do you keep your peace living in a nonstop, fast-paced, stressed out society?

Having continual peace seems like an impossibility today. Peace might seem and be achievable when everything is lining up in your life. When you get a promotion, a pay raise, but a new car or home your peace will be present. But what about when you get rear ended, or miss your morning alarm and spill coffee all over your new white shirt? Is your peace leaving you?

Is it based upon your circumstances?

Jesus said “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you.” John 14:27.

Looking at that shows us that our circumstances in life can give us happiness and peace, yet Jesus has better for us. He left us with the perfect peace that doesn’t leave us during a struggle or hardship. His peace is not based on our outward circumstances that are out of our control. The peace we have access to is based upon who He is.

Gideon was one of the first people to have this understanding of peace. In Judges 6 Gideon encounters God and names the place of his encounter “The Lord is Peace”. Gideon has an understanding of who God was, that He Himself was and is peace. Too many people receive their peace from things rather than God.

If your level of peace is attached to what you have or don’t have it will never be consistent. Things are going to come and go, you’re going to lose things, but you don’t have to lose your peace.

Jesus said later in John 16:33 that in Him we may have peace. Jesus told us that we are going to have troubles, they’re unavoidable. Yet we can have His perfect peace in the middle of the worst circumstances.

Peace is also one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, meaning it needs to grow and be taken care of. It is not a gift, it is similar to any other plant that needs tending and caring. When Jesus gave us His peace He gave us an opportunity to grow it into an unshakeable tree with roots that go down deep. We grow in His peace by spending time with Him and recognizing how and when we lose our peace.

Here are a few practical thoughts that can shift your peace from being found in the world, to being found in God.

1- What is causing you to lose your peace? It might be a relationship or your financial situation, you boss or coworkers. Identify what is stealing your peace and then find out what God says about it. Ask God in prayer and look at what the Bible says.

2- Think about where your focus is. Are you focused on how you’re going to pay your bills or focused on God who is your provider? Are you constantly thinking about and comparing what you have or don’t have rather than focusing on your relationship with God and other people? Are you always looking at the negative or positive, whether big or small.

3- Start your day with God. The start of your day likely determines the rest of your day. Start by praising God, thank Him simply for who He is. Cast your cares on Him- give God access to what’s important in your life. Tell yourself that God is your peace and that He is always with you, no matter what happens throughout your day. Stay off your phone for the first 30 minutes of your day and instead spend a moment finding your peace to take with you throughout the day.


One thought on “Keeping Your Peace

  1. Each message is so thoughtful and I can feel the similarities of the message and my own life. I had an awful experience, without any explanation or avoid but childhood was even worse for me. But at such a young age, I have always been hopeful, strong, sometimes might slow me down, stumble, and try to tear me down but i never give up. I have prayed nearly nightly. Last year I “stumbled” for 5 days. But when I opened the front door to my house, I was overwhelmed by the light in the windows. I stopped and soaked in the sun, warmth, the familiarity. I even began tearing up. I could feel the love. God has been with me since the beginning and is always right beside Him. Whenever we ask about birthday presents, Christmas presents, etc. it’s always about the presence. In my life, money is the means to an end-be with the people I love most. It’s not about the things it’s about surrounding by love. Constant reminder- John 16:33.

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