What is the Rhema?

Rhema is the Word of God. In the New Testament “word” is translated as logos and rhema. Logos refers to the inspired Word of God, and Jesus, Who is the Word. Rhema refers to the spoken Word, as in what God is saying now. In Romans 10:17, Paul explains that our faith comes by hearing the rhema word of God. Since God does not contradict His Word, logos and rhema go hand-in-hand. Rhema can often be a written scripture that God is highlighting to us, or a scripture that we can apply and live by in the right now.

What do we typically post about?

I post about current events, living a life of following Jesus, and how God relates to people today. God has not aged a day and wants to relate to His people, I take a look at practical faith: what does following Jesus today actually look like? I love sharing personal testimonies and learning from experiences that help people overcome their daily challenges and live their best life.